Loosing control to change/widen my own methodology

Masterarbeit von Luz Daniela Aleman Espinosa 2017

This research contains a personal overview of my own character when designing. An introspection that concludes in the search for more personal creativity. One that is intended to change/widen my own design methods in this project to loose my controlled techniques by the means of experimentation.

This work is divided into two parts: the theoretical part, which includes the themes of creativity and methodology in art and design practice; and the practical part, in which I develop a new method and with it a textile collection. The techniques applied increased the amount of the aleatory and uncontrolled abstract forms that were used later for the creation of the patterns. Some of the patterns are then translated into jacquard weaving and digital printing.

Betreuer: Gilbert Bretterbauer

Kooperationspartner: Textiles Zentrum Haslach
Fotoshooting, Fotos: Analía Larrazabal

Models: Maria Shurkal / Ingrid Núñez

Schriftliche Masterarbeit:






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