Bachelorarbeit von Angelina Bobleter 2019

Floriograph” is a wallpaper collection inspired by the language of flowers with each pattern conveying a subtle hidden message based on the intricate botanical imagery used to construct it.

This thesis gives insight into my work and thought process during the development of the collection.

Why am I designing a wallpaper collection?

Over the course of the last year I have started to develop more and more interest in interior design and especially wallcoverings and interior accessories. I really enjoy the ways a well-placed pattern can transform a room and make it more inviting, more colourful or make it stand out.

The space we live in and the things we surround us with influence us more than we think. Just like a certain colour can make a room seem bigger and more open the same way a pattern can bring details to a room and transform the feel of it. This intrigues me.

This project is a chance for me to take my first steps into the world of interior design and to test my ability to work and design appropriately to fit the specific needs that go into designing for wallpaper.

The selection of motifs and their meanings.

The motifs for this collection are all inspired by the flowers mentioned in A Victorian Flower Dictionary by Mandy Kirkby which contains a collection of flowers and their meanings during the Victorian era.

I ended up with a list of 24 flowers whose meanings I associated with a home or living space. Using this list as the source I chose the flowers and plants I thought would work well in a repeat pattern and began painting and developing the designs for the collection.

The 5 flowers used in the finished collection are Larkspur, Corn, Iris, Coreopsis and Wisteria.

The design process.

For this collection I generally started out with a sheet of black paper and laying down the rough shape of the flowers in watered down white acrylic paint. Gradually adding more layers of paint as I went on to achieve more depth and details.

After painting I scan my images at a high resolution and work on them in Adobe Photoshop to create my repeats and then I experiment with different colourways and layering effects to finish the designs.

For the printing of my collection I decided on the company Spoonflower.com as they have a great selection of materials to be printed on and I am able to make my designs available for purchase via their website. They also have an environmentally conscious work ethic and use organic and earth-friendly fabrics which is very important to me. I ordered my designs to be printed onto two different materials – a water-activated, easily-removable, and PVC-free wallpaper as well as one design on an easily-removable and PVC-free peel-and-stick textile.

Did I achieve my aim for the project?

Personally I feel like I have achieved what I wanted for this project. My aim was to design a wallpaper collection from start to finish that I would be able to realize into an actual product to be sold which I will do by making the designs available for purchase online. I had to make decisions and not everything worked out perfectly but I have learned a lot from this project and I would like to continue designing for interior products in the future.


Name des/der Betreuers/in:              Gilbert Bretterbauer
Weblink(s): https://angelinabobleter.portfolio.site/


Pattern 01 | „Lightness“
(c)Angelina Bobleter
Pattern 02 | „Riches“
(c)Angelina Bobleter
Pattern 03 | „Message“
(c)Angelina Bobleter
Pattern 04 | „Always Welcome“
(c)Angelina Bobleter
Pattern 05 | „Message“
(c)Angelina Bobleter

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