lit. @ New Designers

lit. is a textile design collective bringing together students of the department of the University of Art and Design Linz – all of them specialists in digital textile printing, screen printing, weaving and handmade designs.
The course understands textiles as a means of communication and a medium for identity-building. It offers training in textile techniques, textile design and freelance art. Fundamental knowledge of material and processing techniques, that are essential for work in both freelance art and industry, are imparted in depth. The partly project-oriented organisation of the curriculum promotes the work with and analysis of textile phenomena in art and everyday culture. A focus is laying on textile artefacts, textiles in space, on stage or in performances as well as on fashion, textile and interieur design. Great importance is attached to experimentation in order to let students acquire their own œuvre. The programme aims to convey the ability to implement artistic concepts and bring them to the next level.
We´ll be part of New Designers in London this year. See you at the show!
27 – 30 JUNE 2018
Stand T64
Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street
N1 0QH
Linda Durmann
Mira Haberfellner
Lea König
Julia Moser
Melanie Greußing

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