Lecture and Workshop with Stephanie Jebbitt

Wednesday 28th of November 2018

9 – 14 o’clock


Stephanie Jebbitt is a design consultant who works with a number of top international wholesalers to produce innovative and successful collections of printed and woven textiles, and wallpapers. Working with brands such as GP & J Baker, Mulberry, Cath Kidston, Virgin Atlantic, Designers Guild and Osborne and Little to develop contract and domestic ranges. Stephanie designs for fashion and also furnishings.
She is a visiting lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, Plymouth and De Montford Universities teaching design, repeat and forecasting and advising students about pursuing a career in textiles design.
“Stephanie is a highly talented and engaging designer who instils confidence in all those who work around her – a great team player. She is a clear and strategic thinker who, combining her International market knowledge with her excellent technical skills, has produced very many successful furnishing collections (both in innovative design and commercial success). It was a pleasure to work alongside such a talented design director.” Keith George Button Financial director G P & J Baker.


Lecture as Stephanie covers her career and outlines the key important factors for a new designer in todays market. She will show many of her designs which are currently in the market place under many international furnishing companies and the background research and brief that formed the basis of their creation.


We will explore a number of repeats and generate designs using your individual motifs and developing a successful design layout in repeat. This will be presented in a simple a quick format and we will discuss which repeat layouts are the most succesful in industry and why.
This will be a fun excercise lasting approximately 4 hours in total.
Please bring a broad range of motifs that are photocopied in variety of scales and also please bring a range of art equipment to use in the workshop.
Design Consultant…… Trustee of i-dott charity……. Visiting Lecturer……..Artist.

List of equipment

Set square
A4 paper
A range of motifs that you have drawn or painted in colour ideally, and a range of a variety of sizes.
The 16cm square can be any size but must be created with a set square to make the right angles acurate so the repeats will fit well together when reproduced. The size of the square works on A4 so the cost of photocopies is minimal and the activity can be quite quick and effective and will mean that the workshop can be quite short and the learning objectives can be achieved in a limited amount of time.
We can make a few types of repeat with this activity.
Half drop
Straight across etc

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