Face to Face

Auch 2016 haben Studierende der Abteilung textil·kunst·design im Rahmen der Lehrveranstaltung Einführung in Digitaldruck Textil II bei der internationalen Ausschreibung der Slovak Textile Artists Association TXT eingereicht. Die Arbeiten von Mira Haberfellner, Vivian Nmai, Alissa Nathan Cha, Lisa Mayinger, Anneliese Schuber, Vanessa Pichorner und Michaela Leeb-Dojak sind bei der 18th International Minitextile Exhibition in Bratislava zu sehen. Mira Haberfellner wurde bei der Eröffnung der Students Award überreicht.

Die Ausstellung findet vom 19. Mai bis zum 1. Juni in der Galerie SVÚ, Dostojevského rad 2, SK – 811 09 Bratislava statt.

Hier noch einige Arbeiten:

© Michaela Leeb-Dojak

We need to talk…confrontated with circumstances we can`t influence, provoced by words of related people. We have to tell you: „ Your mother and I will get divorced“. The construction of your „picture perfect world“ is falling into pieces, your angel of view is changing. People get deracinated and values are coined. The shivers fall into place to build a new view of the world. Change as a natural component of our life.

Michaela Leeb-Dojak

© Lisa Mayinger

„This route crosses a country border“
It feels like we are back in the early 1990’s. Suddenly there is this imaginary thing between many European countries again: The border. Is this really necessary? This concerns all European people. Should we really give up our freedom? Isn’t it selfish to think wealth and safety belong to us alone?

Lisa Mayinger

© Petra Laxmie Schneider


Face to Face
asking for eye-contact
at a
close distance
proposed through
body contact
disrupting our comfort zone

either comforting

Petra Laxmi Schneider

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