Angelina Bobleter

A season defined by a fluid, sensual air of freedom. A multi-faceted feminity that leaves room for sensitivity with more softness than in past seasons. We drop our protective armor, we forget set points of view and instead display a cool attitude where the body plays a key role and is emphasized and even magnified in calm way. We discover fashion archives that focus on precious details, forgotten skills and faded delicacies. Historical elements with couture origins are reworked freely and offer a welcome comfort. We combine pieces in an optimistic, joyful chaos while also introducing a poetic sensitivity with not-too cute variations on embroideries and ruffles.

Romantic floral patterns and floral jacquards in different scale motifs and worked into different textures. Clean polished surfaces and dimensional effects for an unexpected irregular look. Dense embroidered feel and easy pretty patterns. Flowers that are gracefully drawn, blooming and scattered, with sometimes slightly melancholic accents for a truly contemporary vintage. Calm compositions with sophisticatedly colored grounds. A soft mix of pretty delicate florals, handcrafted surfaces and feather light embellishments.

TARGET AUDIENCE (digital avantgarde)
People that are fashion forward and are always looking for the hottest trends. Not exactly what you would call mainstream and aren´t afraid to be a trendsetter in their own way. They are effortlessly cool and have their own strong opinions, they have multiple interests, use social media as a creative outlet and connect with people from around the world.

creative / inividualistic / trendsetters /freedom & independence / cosmopolitan / mobile socializers

© Angelina Bobleter

© Angelina Bobleter
© Angelina Bobleter
© Angelina Bobleter

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